Herbal Products

MRP: 1200/-, 30 Capsule

Sea Buckthorn

Super Fruit

  1. It has more than 190 nutrients.
  2. 12 times more Vitamin C than orange.
  3. Vitamin A is 3 times more than carrots.
  4. Vitamin E is more than all kinds of fruits.
  5. There is plenty of Protein building, Amino acid in it.
  6. There is plenty of Omega 3, 6, 7, 9.
  7. It also contains Vitamin B1, B2, K, C, A, E and Follic Acid, which also prevents blood pressure problems.
  8. Also useful in Cold, cough, tumors, ulcers.
  9. There are about 20 Minerals, healthy Fatty acid, more than 60 Antioxidants and Flavonoids.
  10. SEA BUCKTHORN has been considered “Super Fruit” and “Power House of Nutrients” on the basis of many studies.


Multi –Vitamin

  1. Weak memory.
  2. Problem of hunger.
  3. Dark circles under the eyes.
  4. Lack of concentration.
  5. Weakness.
  6. Extreme mental tiredness.
  7. Problem of sleepiness.

This supplement contains the properties of Ashwagandha, Kapikachu, Amla etc.

MRP: 500/-, 30 Capsule

MRP: 400/-, 30 Capsule


Iron Supplements

  1. Anemia (deficiency of hemoglobin).
  2. Hair loss problems in women.
  3. Swelling problem.
  4. Irritability and problem of sleepiness.
  5. Shortness of breathe.
  6. Extreme mental tiredness (Fatigue).
This supplement has properties of Amla, Baheda, Kesar, Vidang etc.


Bone & Joint Pain

  1. Knee and joint pain.
  2. Chronic arthritis.
  3. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  4. Muscle pain.
This supplement has properties of Ashwagnadha, Dashmul, Punarnava etc.

MRP: 500/-, 30 Capsule

MRP: 500/-, 30 Capsule


For Healthy Liver

  1. Liver weakness.
  2. Weak digestive system.
  3. Gas and acidity problem.
  4. Fatty liver.
  5. Jaundice problem.
  6. Skin Problem.
This supplement has properties of Bhumi, Amalki, Kutki, Bhringraj etc.


Increase Strengh & Stamina

  1. Increases stamina in men.
  2. Increases physical power in men.
  3. Eliminates erectile dysfunction.
  4. Removes male infertility.
This supplement contains the properties of Ashwagadha, Tal Makhana, Shilajit etc.

MRP: 1200/-, 30 Capsule

MRP: 500/-, 30 Capsule


For Piles & Fissure

  1. Piles Problem.
  2. Fissure problem.
  3. Problem of Constipation.
  4. Problem of Acidity.
This supplement has properties of Rasoth, Bal Harad, Nishoth etc.


Calcium Supplement

  1. Lack of calcium in women and men.
  2. Bone weakness.
  3. Osteoporosis.
  4. Problems in teeth and gums.
  5. Hair loss problem.
This supplement has properties of Mukti Shukti Bhasma, Sonth etc.

MRP: 300/-, 30 Capsule

MRP: 500/-, 30 Capsule


Enhance Immunity

  1. Decreased body disease resistance.
  2. Frequent illness.
  3. Fatigue and irritability.
  4. Low concentration.
This supplement has properties of Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Pipali etc.


Hair Fall Control

  1. The problem of hair loss is a very common and serious problem. AYUVA FOLLI-AID is a great supplement to solve this problem.
  2. Regular use of FOLLI-AID will stop hair loss and it develop hair follicles for new & strong hair.
In this supplement, there are properties of Bhrigraj, Amla, Harad, Bahera etc.

MRP: 500/-, 30 Capsule

MRP: 500/-, 30 Capsule


Female Hormone Regulator

  1. Hormonal problem in women.
  2. Irregular monthly cycle.
  3. Problems of menopause.
This supplement contains the properties of Baheda, Lodhra, Ashoka etc.


Heart & BP Care

  1. High B.P.
  2. High Cholesterol.
  3. Cardiac Arrest / Heart Attack.
  4. High Blood Viscosity.
  5. High Lipids (LDL & HDL).
This supplement contains the properties of Arjuna, Lasuna etc.

MRP: 500/-, 30 Capsule

MRP: 500/-, 30 Capsule


For Diabetes

  1. Type-1 diabetes problem.
  2. Type-2 diabetes problem.
  3. Pre-diabetic.
  4. Neuropathy and retinopathy diabetes.
This supplement contains the properties of Shilajit, Bilv, Neem etc


Increase Metabolism

  1. Helps in weight lose.
  2. Removes the Risk of Diabetes.
  3. It improves digestion.
  4. Increases metabolism .
  5. Enhances the immune system.
It has the properties of antioxidant with lemon flavor which increase the immunity.

MRP: 200/-, 40gm

MRP: 300/-, 30 ml

Panch Tulsi

  1. Boost Immunity.
  2. Control Blood Sugar.
  3. Regulates Hypertension.
  4. Good Source of Vit.A & Vit.C.
  5. Reduce obesity Combats Fever.
  6. Contains Various Phytonutrients.

5 Types of Tulsi Extracts: Drudriha Tulsi, Rama Tulsi, Shama Tulsi, Babi Tulsi, Tukshmiya Tulsi.


Increase Metabolism

  1. Very beneficial for overall health of teeth and gums.
  2. Relieves the sensitivity in teeth.
  3. It prevents disease occurring in the gums like Pyorrhoe.
  4. Controls the odour of mouth.
  5. Maintains the natural brightness of teeth.

MRP: 50/-, 100gm