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AYUVA LIFE SCIENCES PVT LMDT is one of the fastest growing company in country.it is one of the leading company in health care industry with its unique,great quality herbal products.since it’s incorporation AYUVA has expanded its business in various states of the country and now it is present pan India.Ayuva group is committed to provide best quality of products and best services to its clients and customers.

Herbal Products

MD & Founder of Ayuva

Dr. Yogendra Pratap Singh Parihar has been working in the field of health and wellness since last 14 years. He has a huge experience in the field of neautraceuticals and preventive healthcare.His team comprises of very well experienced and knowledgeable health professionals. His vision is to spread awareness about preventive healthcare across the world and make possible the basic healthcare reach each and every section of the society. Through his ambitious project AYUVA WORLDWIDE (AWW) he is leading a program which works on cancer awareness in the society.

Ayuva Wellness Centre AWC

  1. Every human being has a right to have good health. AWC is the medium to provide holistic healthcare to every human. Under AWC we are providing healthcare facilities in multiple aspects .We strongly believe that any single mode of therapy is not enough to provide complete health .Hence we involved all modes of treatments and therapies to provide a holistic health to our patients.
  2. AWC includes….. Ayurvedic care, homeopathic care ,dental care ,allopathic treatment physiotherapy ,yoga, hypnotic therapy, preventive medicines, Cancer prevention and care ,stress relieving therapies , and many more